I’m from the pacific northwest and I’ve worked as a prep cook and cook but for the past few years I’ve been writing, youtubing, streaming and working on a few business of mine online.

I’ve trained in several martial arts in the past but quit in 2009 when I became ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. I quit working in 2014 to pursue my dreams but also find a better source of income to help me recover. It was very hard working in a hostile and negative environment and affected me in a lot of negative ways.

I tend to rest a lot as well as meditate quite a bit as well, I take a number of supplements and medications (when I can afford it or have someone prescribe some to me). My recovery has been difficult from working in a hostile environment to not always have the best support and also not having enough money to afford treatments as well.

I used to do high intensity training but I have taken some time off of that as well, I have a new program I want to try that helps those with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

This is more of a personal blog and website, I will write on here occasionally but this is mostly to get the word out about the work I do and promote it more.

Aside from that I listen to a variety of music and I like to read and play video games a lot as well. If you have any questions feel free to comment on one of my posts or use the contact us page.

Once I start making enough money and recovering I want to start writing more but also be more involved with research, writing and even funding of chronic fatigue syndrome research.