Here is a list of resources that have helped me out a lot not only on a personal level but also a professional and business level as well too.


Chris Kresser: Chris is an acupuncturist, writer and researcher into chronic health conditions and runs his own clinic in Berkeley, California

The 21 Convention:   This is the ideal convention for men but also women, seeking to improve their lives, he has a number of speakers as well as videos on business development, lifestyle, dating and more.

Udemy: This is a great website not only to learn business courses but courses on personal development writing, etc. Also if you have an idea of a course you can sell it for free or for profit and make quite a deal of money from it.

Four Hour Work Week: This is a great website by the author, blogger, podcaster, investor and businessman Timothy Ferriss, his books are some of my favorite, especially the four hour work week and also four hour chef. He has a ton of useful podcasts but also blog posts as well as resources too.

I Will Teach You to be Rich: His book of the same name as his website is excellent and a good overview of investing and saving. He’s also a businessman and has other products and courses available as well.