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Be “Limitless” with Adrafinil Nootropic/Smart Drug Review



I’ve started using Adrafinil pretty regularly since my Modafinil prescription ran out recently. Adrafinil was a discontinued wakefulness medication that was phased out as Modafinil was developed and found to be more potent and powerful.

Since then it has been available as a supplement. I find it more mild than Modafinil, even at higher dosages (300 mg). As a Nootropic it is helpful not only with brain fog but energy and focus as well.  It could also be safely used in conjunction with other nootropics for a synergistic and cumulative effect.

You can find it by itself or combined in different smart drug compounds. I haven’t found many side effects, It does increase focus so you will be able to accomplish a lot more, more efficiently but effectively as well.

I have a feeling it affects the adrenal glands and system but I think that could be counter-acted with good Adrenal Support via supplements and diet.

I’ll likely do a future video on my youtube channel CFS Lifestyle on Modafinil but also other Smart Drugs/Nootropics.

Below are some smart drug compounds and complexes that have Adrafinil and related nootropics. Please be careful and do your research, start out slow and work up to a higher dosage.

It will likely have a more profound effect on people with Chronic Illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related health problems. It will still help relatively “normal” people but it may just be a smaller boost. It also may take a few weeks before you see the full “benefit” of using nootropics as well.

I generally take 300 mg starting in the morning or when I wake up, this can also be taken in conjunction with other Smart Drugs to create a nootropic “stack”. Since they are stimulating they need to be taken early in the day and not later in the day. It may be a better option to use Adrafinil, especially since I am sensitive to stimulants (caffeine being one of them).

It would also help to try some calming herbs and supplements such as cannabis or GABA but also adrenal/adaptogenic supplements as well such as Adrenal Cortex or a compounded Adrenal supplement as well.

Stimulants seem to help a lot, in particular, nootropics for a vast majority of those suffering from neuro-comprised and conditions that typically have brain fog (to any degree) such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia but I suspect also in those recovering from Lyme/CFIDs.

Using nootropics or stimulants does put a greater burden on your Adrenals at times, nootropics lesser so I imagine.



The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski (Witcher Saga) Book Review

witcher, 3, saga, gaming, book, review

So since I’ve had to relaunch my blog and website I have to redo some of my old book reviews, luckily there’s only a handful I need to do.  This is the first and only book by Andrzej Sapkowski and of the Witcher Saga. This book is actually a collection of short stories about Geralt of Rivia the main character in all the books and the video game series. I’ve played through most of the first Witcher game and played some of the second and third titles (the latter of which I need to purchase).

It’s an interesting fantasy series with familiar monsters, creatures and themes but with a different twist. There are some rarely used or creatures specific I think to Polish folklore. A theme the books and games touch on some is sometimes the human characters are the monsters and the monsters Geralt fights are actually good.

While in the games you can choose one side or the other (or be neutral), in the books he often takes an eutral stance unless forced to take a side. Overall he always tries to do the right thing but sometimes makes mistakes along the way. Due to his training and genetic experimentation his hair is completely white, he is essentially part monster, as well as being sterile. He is trained in magic but also sword fighting and hand to hand, as well as with other weapons.

He keeps interesting company whether it’s a Bard that’s also a spy and ladies man to Triss the sorceress, Dwarves and a few witches as well. Often in the books and in the video games, he has amnesia due, which from my experience with the books and games is never fully explained.

The stories range from him trying to capture an escaped genie who is slowly killing his Bard friend Dandelion, to being in a noble court, and tracking down and hunting several creatures. He’s essentially a bounty hunter for evil monsters but is often called a mutant and looked down upon as an outcast.

From his training and experimentation done on him, he has enhanced reflexes and abilities and with potions he crafts from parts of dead monsters and herbs can further enhance his abilities. These potions come at a cost though as it affects him like a medication or even alcohol does, too much and he becomes too intoxicated and can even die.

Some of these potions enhance his healing, some his fighting skills while one even allows him to see in the dark. If your a fan of fantasy that’s more in line with George R.R. Martin’s works that’s more dark and gritty you will enjoy this book (as well as others in the series). Also worth checking out is the game series, despite the first one having a weird fencing combat system, the latter two are excellent not only in combat, but plot and even graphically.




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