I’ve been writing for a few years now, I don’t write as much as I used to. I have probably around 100 articles and blog posts, unfortunately a lot of older posts were lost when my site didn’t transfer unfortunately (which is why I’m having to redo and redesign my webpage). I ran a number of blogs and also facebook pages on niches and certain topics. The pages/blogs I started were psynautical, razr entertainment and paleo redux.

Psynautical was my writing on philosophy, meditation, spirituality, martial arts and politics. Paleo redux is anything and everything health related but specifically the paleo diet as well as the weston a price diet, I also touched on some alternative medicine and talked about chronic fatigue syndrome some too. I also started Razr entertainment which is about video games, movies and comic books.

I have a lot of my articles and blog posts on hubpages but also some on ezinearticles as well. In the future I will publish and write more blog posts on this website but also want to work on some ebooks and books in the future, right now I want to focus on my businesses and my health.

In the future I may turn some of these pages/blogs into individual websites maybe even books, I have a lot of ideas just haven’t worked on them yet. I do enjoy writing and also doing youtube videos as well but due to my health conditions it can be difficult.


Jared Heldt hubpages:  http://hubpages.com/@jaredheldt

Jheldt hubpages: http://hubpages.com/@jheldt

Ezine Articles: 

Jared Heldt Expert Author https://ezinearticles.com/expert/Jared_Heldt/136885

Razr Entertainment: 

Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Razrentertainment/

Blog: http://razrgaming.blogspot.com/


facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/psynautical/


Jared Heldt

Jared Heldt